Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why This Blog

Over the last ten years we’ve seen a magical transformation of the Sacramento region. From a state capitol nestled among tree-shaded suburbs it’s grown into a cultural Mecca. On a Second-Saturday Art Walk we fight for parking in what looks like Greenwich Village.

Along with the explosion in art and music, we’ve become a center for live theater, ranging from A Christmas Carol to West Coast premieres of daring plays by today’s most challenging playwrights. What’s more there’s no shortage of professional actors and directors from around the country as well as here at home.

Even if our print media weren’t experiencing an economic crisis that limits how much they can tell us about theater activity, it couldn’t offer the scope and timeliness to cover all that the theater community, and its audiences, might benefit from learning. But a blog can come miles closer.

Besides the usual background material about productions–the reviews, the feature stories about performers and theater companies–here are some additional possibilities:

  • Sections on all aspects of the theater experience, acting, directing, playwriting, music, choreography, set design, lighting and design, comparisons of schools and training centers, etc

  • Videos of key scenes, as on YouTube,

  • Important events, such as auditions, fund raisers, tours, etc.

  • Discussion groups about productions, plays and people. How about, for instance, debates among reviewers, performers, audience members, etc. on specific productions, plays and playwrights, current trends, etc.?

During a chat about this project, the venerable Ed Claudio, student of Stella Adler and co-founder of the Actor’s Workshop of Sacramento, suggested think pieces with more depth than the ordinary review. To take a shot at that target, I devoted a first post (Shadow of Doubt) that traced a connection between three recent plays here in our neighborhood. I’d be grateful for your reactions.

But where we go depends on you as much as me. Right now this is a bare-bones experiment. Depending on its reception we can graduate to the most extravagant and popular gadgets and artistry. We’ll keep you posted frequently and await your thoughts.

David Jacobson
Maestro (or whatever)


edhmom said...

I am thrilled about your blog. I have been resistant to take part in any type of "blogging" as it always seems to lead to a lot of comments from people who are unhappy, frustrated, and downright mean who seem to think that blogging and/or commenting on blogging is a way for them to get out all their frustrations in their life out to anyone who will listen - instead of a form of constructive criticism, local information, and a great sense of theatre "community" - which is what I forsee will come out of this particular blog and welcome it! Excited to be part of it! And yes, it is long overdue!

Tamara said...

What a contribution you are making to the Sacramento Arts Community. How lucky for the citizens of Sacramento and the surrounding towns to now have access to information on this exploding "Arts Mecca." Thank you for providing such an important service to the community.
-Tamara Solum