Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Thistle Dew Playwrights Workshop eNewsletter December 1, 2008 (Volume 6)

*****Closing a Successful Run! ******
"Going to Tibet" by Tim Cahill just finished its production run. Judging by the consistent positive audience reactions (gasps, titters, and belly laughs) it was a great success. Congratulations to the cast (Keith Letl, Danielle Williams, Summer Hairabedian, Karen Kearney, Richard Williams, Tom Langtry, and Micael Buse) for a fantastic job onstage! Thanks to Thomas M. Kelly, Director; and to Mary Jo O’Connor, Stage Manager Extraordinaire, for guiding this product of The Thistle Dew Playwright’s Workshop to its successful conclusion.

*****The Proof is in the Pudding******

The Thistle Dew Playwrights Workshop thrives. How do we know? The following is a partial list of recent plays workshopped by the Playwrights Workshop that have been produced [S], published, [P], or are in consideration for publication [p]:
“Annie’s Story” by Laura Sheperd [S, p]
“Extreme Unction” by Thomas M. Kelly [S, P]
“The Seduction of Thomas Sorrell” by Tim Cahill [S, P]
“Going Somewhere?” by Julie Greene [S, P]
“Homecoming” by Leo McElroy [S]
“Going to Tibet” by Tim Cahill [S]
“Timekeeper” by Thomas M. Kelly [S, P]
“The Butterfly Within” by Thomas M. Kelly [S, P]
“Stop snoring, Jay! I’m dreaming of Christmas!” by Thomas M. Kelly [S]
“Wake up, Jay! It’s Christmas!” by Thomas M. Kelly [S]
“This is not our backyard, Charlie!” by Thomas M. Kelly [S]
Do you have a piece you'd like critiqued? Email Tom Kelly thistledewplaywrights@yahoo.com and cc Julie julie.greene@sbcglobal.net . Bring your play to the Monday night Playwrights Workshop at 7 pm at the Thistle Dew (one copy for each role plus one extra for stage directions) and plan to leave two copies at the theatre with Tom. All newcomers are welcome!

*****Opening Soon at the Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre*****

"The Runaway Presents" a One-Act by Karen Kearney; directed by Thomas M. Kelly
"Christmas Bouquet" a One-Act by Gloria Jones; directed by Gloria Jones
Once again, Workshop members are pulling together to put up a great show. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend! Invite a friend.
Opens Friday, Dec. 12 (7pm), Sat., Dec. 13 (7 pm), and Sun., Dec. 14 (2 pm);
Fri., Dec. 19 (7 pm), Sat., Dec. 20 (7 pm) and Sun., Dec. 21 (2 pm);
Fri., Dec. 26 (7 pm), Sat., Dec. 27 (7 pm), and Sun., Dec. 28 (2 pm)

*****Future Productions at the TDDT******
JANUARY 2009: “Ba-Bang! or 01/20/09: the end of an error” by Thomas M. Kelly Opens Friday, Jan. 9 (7 pm); Sat., Jan. 10 (7 pm), and Sun., Jan. 11 (2 pm);
Fri., Jan. 16 (7 pm), Sat., Jan. 17 (7 pm ) and Sun., Jan. 18 (2 pm);
Fri., Jan. 23 (7 pm) and Sat., Jan. 24 (7 pm);
Fri., Jan. 30 (7 pm) and closes Sat., Jan. 31 (7 pm).

Laura Sheperd’s newest play, “The Last Resort Trailer Park”, will be produced in February 2009. Mark your calendars!

….to Tim Cahill! JAC Publishing has accepted “The Seduction of Thomas Sorrell” for publication! This play, a product of the Playwrights Workshop, was produced at the TDDT last spring. Congratulations, Tim!

Workshop members may request a free ticket to a Thistle Dew performance by emailing thistledewplaywrights@yahoo.com. Invite a paying friend! Ticket prices are $20 and include the best dessert in town.

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