Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"HATS" auditions at Stage Nine

AUDITION FOR "Hats - the Musical"

HATS! The Musical by Marcia Milgrom Dodge & Anthony Dodge; Songs by various artists.

AUDITION DATES Sunday, May 3 and Monday, May 4.

DATES SHOW REHEARSES Sunday through Wednesday evenings, 7 to 10 pm during June and July 30.

PERFORMANCES July 31 to September 13.

CONTACT INFORMATION Stage Nine Theatre and Entertainment Store, 916-353-1001.


CHOREOGRAPHER - Connie Mockenhaupt.

PLOT SUMMARY Hats! concerns a 49.999-year-old woman, MaryAnne, who reluctantly faces the inevitable 50th birthday. In the production, MaryAnne warms up to her 50th once she meets several remarkable women who show her about fun and friendship after 50. Hats! is based on the ideas of The Red Hat Society.

WHAT TO BRING Head shot and resume. A song from a musical with sheet music for accompanist (an accompanist will be provided) or bring your own accompaniment CD. No monologue; we will do readings from the script.

SPECIAL SKILLS Part singing, some dancing including some tap


LADY - Mid-to-late 70s., MARYANNE's mother. Widow & loving grandmother.
BARONESS - Age 52. Divorcee. Corporate success. Affluent. From Texas.
CONTESSA - Late 50s. Hispanic. Packed with attitude with a tendency to exaggerate. Married.DAME - Mid-50s. An empty-nester. Wife & mother of 3.
DUCHESS - 65. African-American. A lady with sass and ego. Great marriage.
PRINCESS - Late 50s-to-early 60s. Breast cancer survivor. Divorcee. Absentminded and forever optimistic.
MARYANNE: 49.999. Teacher. Married. Struggling with her impending 50th birthday.

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