Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Foursome: a canny wink at the modern male

Donnie (John Lamb) swings while Ted (David Pierini) whines. Photo by Jennifer Freyer.

Skillful writers of comedy lure us into believing that their gems came to them as sudden flights of fancy. Among these writers is Shakespeare, giving his comic masterpieces dismissive titles: “As You Like It” and “Much Ado About Nothing.” Today Norm Foster, the prolific and popular Canadian playwright, adopts the same strategy, not in the title but in the product.

“The Foursome,” now at Sacramento’s B Street Theatre, uses well-timed gags to lace together four old college chums who meet at a reunion. We see them at a golf course where, hole-by-hole, they bring each other up to date after a gap of 15 years. But as they share their news about their careers and families, they also reveal their vulnerabilities.

Of particular interest are their off-beat attitudes toward women. Though still reflecting male insecurity they exhibit a curious permissiveness reflecting the post-feminist perspective of the twenty-first century. Likewise family and work seem to take on new values.

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