Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Atwater Fixin' to Leave Sacramento

“Atwater is Fixin’ to Die,” the sadly under-publicized gem, is scheduled to close at the Three Penny playhouse in Sacramento this weekend. A one-actor show by playwright Robert Myers, it features Eric Baldwin mainly as the unscrupulous Lee Atwater, advisor to two presidents and former chairman of the Republican National Committee. Under Vada Russell’s sensitive direction, Baldwin reveals Atwater’s Machiavellian fangs. In a tragic twist at the end, though, Atwater inwardly reforms and apologizes to his victims before his early death from cancer.

A work of both artistry and moral sensitivity, the play is scheduled to close Sunday, November 8, barring a late extension. Those who can manage to see it this weekend will be glad they did.

For a full review and details about the play, go to http://villagelife.com/story.php?id=692.0.

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