Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At Capital Stage: a zany tour of American History

Fans of “The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged” will revel in a sequel at Capital Stage: “The Complete History of America Abridged.” Enhance your appreciation of our nation’s past as seen in what appears to be a doper’s dream–and laugh along the way.

Under Stephanie Gularte’s seasoned direction, three of Capital Stage’s funniest regulars–Gary S. Martinez, Eric Wheeler and Jonathan Rhys Williams–take us on a wild ride through our nation’s history, from 1492 to now, from what Columbus discovered to film noir. It’s guaranteed to be delightfully inaccurate.

For a detailed review and how, when and where to buy tickets, go to El Dorado Hills’ Village Life web site:http://villagelife.com/story.php?id=692.1

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