Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thistle Dew Seeks Monologs

Announcement from Thistle Dew Theatre

Calling all Playwrights! Writers! & Poets! We'll convince you to become playwrights!

Monologues—it’s all about monologues! You are invited to write a 5-7 minute monologue for production in late summer/early fall at the Thistle Dew. Monologues may be either comedic or dramatic, in verse or in prose. There are four categories: politics, home life, your first romance, and growing up. All monologues must be read before the group and work-shopped for production. Depending on the quality and number of submissions, they will be produced at the Thistle Dew Theatre, then submitted for publication to JAC Publishing in a book of monologues by The Thistle Dew Playwrights Group. There are no guarantees for production and/or publication.

Cindy Bennett, Karen Kearney, Gloria Jones, Charles Kelso, Karen Kearney, Charley Cross, Theresa Elliott, Tim Cahill, Bernie Goldberg, Mark Fejta, and Julie Greene have contributed lively pieces so far. YOU COULD BE A PART OF OUR VERY SUCCESSFUL GROUP. We continue to accept new monologues at workshop. Those that are best developed through rewrites and continued workshopping will be selected for production. Workshop members will be part of the selection process. MEET THE CHALLENGE!

Still writing? Terrific! Workshops through June and July will focus on 1 - 5 MINUTE monologues, with a return to longer one-act and full-length readings after the monologue series.

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