Tuesday, March 16, 2010

“The Bad Seed”: chilling fear about “evil” children

The premise of Maxwell Anderson’s play “The Bad Seed” is that children can be born with murder in their hearts. In a well-crafted production, Carmichael’s Chautauqua Playhouse revives this once popular, though now almost forgotten, chiller, leaving the audience to decide its plausibility. From the start we know there will be no mystery. A glance at the playbill warns us that the 8-year-old Rhoda, played by 11-year-old Lauren Metzinger, has homicide in her heart.

After a leisurely start we are caught in her web, wondering who the next victim will be. And be prepared for a shocker at the end. For a detailed review go to http://villagelife.com/story.php?id=692.0.

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