Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Someone watches over Capital Stage

l. to r.: Michael Wiles, Scott Coopwood, Matt K. Miller

Photographer: Charr Crail

True to form, Sacramento’s Capital Stage entertains us while encouraging us to think. Inspired by a true story, Irish playwright Frank McGuinness weaves a tale of three foreigners–Adam (Michael Wiles), an American; Edward (Scott Coopwood), an Irishman; and Michael (Matt K. Miller), an Englishman–held hostage in Lebanon by mysterious captors. Though chained to the walls of a cell, they're treated respectfully, even given a feast, during their endless stay.

“Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me,” based on a popular song title, captures a universal longing for supernatural protection. It’s the call of the infant, still lingering in all of us, for a god, gods, angels or other superior beings to help us survive the messes we make of our lives. It echoes our secret cry of “Mommy!” waiting to be released.

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