Friday, November 7, 2008

Group meets to discuss local theater outings

On November 12 a group of residents--plus anyone else, resident or not, willing to participate--will meet again to discuss future plans for outings to nearby live theaters, to see shows and find out more about their operations. We are waiting for responses from theater companies willing to talk with our group before or after a show they produce. At the previous meeting we decided to car pool and look for a variety of theater offerings, from classical to modern, highbrow to just plain fun. We're also exploring group rates.

There's no charge to join the group, or just drop in to listen. If we get any responses by meeting time, we may choose our first outing and arrange for our first excursion. Thereafter we'll try to schedule a new theater each month. We may also use our meeting times to discuss our reactions to what we saw and heard during the previous outing.

The center is at 990 Lassen Lane, at the corner of El Dorado Hills Blvd. For further information call 916-358-3575.

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