Monday, November 10, 2008

Thistle Dew is Going to Tibet

The Unique
Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre
Presents an Original Play
by local playwright, Tim Cahill,
a member of the
Thistle Dew Playwright’s Workshop
NOVEMBER 2008:"Going to Tibet"
More than a year ago Tim brought this play to the Thistle Dew Playwright’s Group for a reading. I liked it.... Very much. I kept pestering him to finish his re-write and bring it back for a re-read. “If it needs more re-write then bring it back for a re-read.” But like all good playwrights he kept it ‘tucked in his vest’ until he was sure that he had the beginning begun properly, the middle tightened up and all the ends tied and knotted. Tim is a very good playwright and like most of us we like to take our time no matter all the
prodding reminders from our colleagues.
After the successful production of his The Seduction of Thomas Sorrel he proved his talents again and now you see the fruit of our wait. Going to Tibet is a beautiful story of love times three which asks the question “How do a man and woman of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ instill in their sheltered daughter the values and the love they found
in an Ashram on the Mendocino coast?”
This romantic comedy is directed by Thomas M. Kelly, and features
Richard Williams, Karen Kearney,
Summer Harabedian, Danielle Williams,
Keith Letl and Micail Buse
Opens Friday, Nov. 14 (7pm),
Sat., Nov. 15 (7pm),
Sun., Nov. 16 ( 2pm),
Friday, Nov. 21 (7pm),
Sat., Nov. 22 ( 7pm ),
Sun., Nov. 23 ( 2pm ),
Friday, Nov. 28 ( 7pm ),
closes Saturday, Nov. 29th ( 7pm ).
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