Saturday, January 17, 2009

EDMT Announces New Summer Shows!

On January 16 a large crowd assembled at EDMT's Rehearsal Hall to hear the big news. As Artistic Director Debbie Wilson started to play the song "Reflection," Executive Producer Jeanette Caruso flipped the "Mulan" poster to face the eager crowd of people assembled. Next, as Wilson played a song from Les Mis, the Les Mis poster was revealed, and then the loud cheers followed. Chairman of the Board Rick Wilson explained that Oak Ridge High School's decision to postpone construction on the campus is what made this change in our Season possible.
Disney's Mulan, Jr. will be a Rising Stars show and will run June 19-26 at Oak Ridge Theater in El Dorado Hills. Les Miserables will be a Mainstage show and will run from July 3-12 at the Jill Solberg Performing Arts Theater in Folsom. Auditions for both shows will be held May 2.

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