Wednesday, January 28, 2009

News and samples from Garbeau's

Notes from Garbeau's Dinner Theatre in Rancho Cordova

"We are actively in rehearsals for "I Love You Because" which opens Valentine's Day weekend. Cast members you might recognize include Norma Jean Russel ("My Way"), Aaron Boyer (Brad from "The Rocky Horror Show" who has also been in most of our children's theater productions), and Meg Masterson ("The Rocky Horror Show," "Tis the Season" and children's theater "O Christmas Cheese...O Christmas Cheese?"). We are having our second karaoke night this Thursday. Come check us out!"

Mark Ferreira, CEO of Garbeau's, adds a link to a guest appearance on TV by Zach Abdallah, 19, offering a sample from the current "My Way," with Ferreira accompanying on piano:

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