Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rebeck dissects the theatre world at Capital Stage

A worm in horseradish, according to an old Yiddish proverb, thinks the whole world is horseradish. The mission of Sacramento’s Capital Stage, besides entertaining us, seems to be helping the worm in us see past the horseradish.

“The Scene,” by the prolific and provocative Theresa Rebeck, is a case in point. Its horseradish is the environment of theater professionals, especially those involved in television who see each other only as threats and opportunities. Clea, an aspiring young actress, berates Charlie, a failed actor, for being “reductive,” because he defines an old school chum, now a producer, by a single obscene epithet.

But Clea herself is reductive, labeling Stella, Charlie’s wife and also a TV producer, as a “Nazi.” Only the self-effacing Lewis seems able to see people as complete human beings.

Under Stephanie Gularte’s astute direction, Elena Wright (Clea), Scott Coopwood (Charlie), Ken Figeroid (Lewis) and Cristina Anselmo (Stella) offer rich and nuanced performances.

“The Scene” continues through February 22 at the Delta King Theatre, 1000 Front Street in Old Sacramento. Performances are Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $28 on Saturdays, $24 on other days. For tickets or details call (916) 995-5464.

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