Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urgent message from Garbeau's....

We Need You This Week! Final Deadline and We're Almost There...

Dear Friends, Patrons, and Community,

Our campaign to keep Garbeau's open is fast coming to a close and this week/weekend is literally the deciding factor of whether or not we survive!
We have a final deadline of this Monday, March 16th, to have (only!) $8,000 in our landlord's bank account. If we make it, he has agreed to sit with us and negotiate our rent--what we have been trying to do since March, 2008. If we don't make it, Garbeau's will lose its lease and we will begin a two or three month process of closing (during which we would still be having performances).

Please, if purchasing season tickets or attending one of our productions has been in the back of your mind, this is the week to do it! We only need $8,000 to make it to that table...If we were to base our survival solely on the reservations we have now, we will not make it.

Luckily, Saturdays have tended to be the more popular night for this show and last-minute reservations seem to be common. We can hold our breath for the weekend, but we'd love it if our phones started ringing off the hook, filling our weekend and firmly securing our opportunity to (finally) negotiate with our landlord.

We're almost there! And here's what's going to get us over this hill; call us at 916 985-6361 for help with any of the following:

1) Season passes ($71 - $130). If Garbeau's makes it, 2009 passes are valid forever. If we don't, they will be honored throughout 2009 at a number of other regional theatres.

2) Come to karaoke! Admission is free but a full night where everyone spends $5 - $10 each on drinks or munchies adds up quickly!

3) Attend "I Love You Because." Tickets range between $15 - $23.50 and performances are Fri/Sat evening and Sunday afternoon. A single sold out performance this weekend could potentially get us to that goal on its own!

4) Bring your children to "Johnny Appleseed" Saturday at 12:30! Tickets are $10 for children, $12 for adults. If you have a large group, we're happy to offer a lower rate!

5) Celebrate Ireland Sunday evening! ($15 - $25) It's almost St. Patty's day and Liam Irish and friends are putting on a cozy evening filled with Celtic music, dancing, folk stories, and more. The kitchen will be serving corned beef and other Irish goodies.

6) Tell everyone! Time for another round of blogging, posting, calling your favorite news desk (all phone numbers can be found on websites), and telling them this is the final weekend for opportunity to blossom!

7) Act now. Monday is it--if we don't make it, Garbeau's is closing. If you've been waiting for your "dramatic entrance," the curtain is open, the lights are glaring, and the audience is on the edge of their seats to see what happens. Now's your moment!

We have a note that is very awkward, but which needs to be expressed because of the gravity of this weekend. If we have good (not even great) attendance with paying customers, we will easily make our goal and Garbeau's will continue. If we are sold-out with customers who are redeeming gift cards, we will have a full house with nothing to show on Monday.

Please understand, in the worst case scenario, we will have a month or two of production as we start the process of closing. We would appreciate (but obviously not require) that you hold off gift card redemptions until after this weekend.

We truly are so grateful to all of you who have supported us through this time. Your messages have come at the most opportune times and offered hope and encouragement. We so strongly hope to fill up this weekend decisively and to announce after our meeting with the landlord that we aren't going anywhere! In Anticipation, Anxiety, and Hope, Mark, Andrea, and the Entire Garbeau's Family. We've updated our home page to let people know our final deadline! Click here if you'd like to visit...

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Scott Johnson (Group/Events) - (916) 985-6361.

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